Beneficial Blends Hemp Extract is made with NanoLyte™, our proprietary CBD emulsion, developed by leading global PhD’s.  It is held to a rigorous multi-certification process resulting in industry leading clarity and taste making it the most effective and easily added ingredient for any beverage, food, dietary supplement or cosmetic product.

NanoLyte™ offers the first certified organic water-soluble CBD with non-detectible THC.

 Since 2009, Beneficial Blends has been formulating 'Beneficial For You' products to nourish the mind and body. We started with coconut oil due to the properties the oil adds to the heart, brain and metabolic health and expanded into CBD due to the natural benefits it has on the body.  As industry leading Oil Experts we know how to create high quality products that are FDA compliant and certified at every step.

 We Can Customize Every Aspect of Your Product

Beneficial Blends manufactures a variety of CBD-infused products including ingestible products and topicals. Products are available to fit manufacturing and retailer needs whether in bulk packaging such as gallons, drums and totes, or retail-ready shots, tinctures, jars, sprays, serums, creams or candles. 

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Produced in a Certified Facility